Our family owned and operated company has been producing high-end quality savoury pies and food since 1983. In 1993 we switched to a wholesale concept to serve a larger number of customers, and reduce costs of operating a retail establishment. Our belief is that the customer wants to pay for food, and not overhead expenses enabling us to concentrate on using quality ingredients. Here’s a brief summary of what we do.

All products are prepared by us from quality raw materials to finished products. We hand produce and hand roll all of  our pastry using Tenderflake Lard. All chicken products use white breast meat which we cook in our own stock to perfection. All beef products use rump roast which is hand trimmed and cut by us to ensure the leanest meat. All turkey products come from the whole turkey which we roast, strip, and then use the carcass to produce stock for the turkey filling. We use local meats and local (in season) or Canadian produce where possible which are prepared by hand from washing, peeling, to cutting. Natural wholesome ingredients are used – butter, cream, cheese, eggs, flour, sugar etc.

All fillings are cooked in small batches to ensure consistency – in other words, we produce a Tourtiere (a family recipe) today, the same way we did in 1983 when we started. Our spicing is very simple using very little salt with no chemicals or preservatives on site to provide a healthy meal for your family. We produce food with care, the same way you would at home. Please feel free to come by and visit us, or pick up our products at certain retail outlets.