After 25 years, we have to move. Without getting into details, the landlord is not renewing our lease. As it stands, we have to vacate the premises by Oct. 31. As of now, we have not secured a new location.

We are working hard to find a new (and better) location and will update the site when we know. This is not the end, just a change at the worst time before Christmas. But we will be back shortly and do everything possible to be up before Christmas.

Thanks to everyone for your years of support. We can’t wait to be back, and look forward to seeing you then.


Jamie & Arnie

Q. Why the new packaging?

A. Over the years, we have noticed an increase with damaged product due to the plastic wrap failing to stand up to customer handling. We would replace damaged product to ensure quality and food safety. Some products were damaged beyond consumption and had to be thrown out. At a certain point, one wonders if there is a better way.

The new box provides much better protection from a food safety point of view – recommended to us by Provincial Food Inspectors. With continuous changes to label requirements, we also needed more surface area to meet compliance. The last thing we want is someone to become ill due to poor packaging and label issues, and we want to provide as much factual information as possible.

The new packaging also presents better for our retail clients helping them feel more confident with our product. It helps encourage new people to try our pies to ensure our longevity. This move to change packing didn’t come lightly and we spent months trying to come up with the best possible solution.

Q. Are you nut free?

A. No. We make tarts with pecans in them. We have good production policies to reduce the risk of cross contamination, but we still can’t guarantee products will be nut free.

Q. Do you have custom sizes?

A. Yes, we can make custom sizes depending on your needs. We generally use a 9×13 foil container that will hold 8 – 12 portions. All pies made this way will just have a top crust. You can also drop off your dishes and we’ll fill them up for those special occasions. Just need a few days to to get things made, so order ahead.

Q. Should I thaw before cooking?

A. All unbaked products are designed to be cooked from frozen. Thawing will do little in reducing the cooking time, and may give undesired results. When thawing, the water in the gravy will thaw first and actually leave the gravy. While cooking, the water may not reincoperate into the gravy, and the pie may be very liquidy as a result. The water may also soak into the crust and make it soggy as well.

Q. Why didn’t the bottom crust cook?

A. The aluminum plates conduct heat so fast, that they alone can’t transfer the heat needed to cook the bottom crust. It’s important to always place the frozen pie on a baking tray or cookie sheet. The heavier the better.